Why I’m Teased by Hulu?

by technologyandgadgets

As a media broker, I’ve been buying television airtime on behalf of advertisers for many years, negotiating the most cost-effective campaigns to capture a target demographic. I’ve done this with the hope that my commercials won’t get DVR’d or fast-forwarded, and that viewers won’t consider them convenient opportunities for a snack or bathroom break!

Now, along comes Hulu and it’s a whole new ballgame. As I build my first Hulu buy, I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the extraordinary benefits of this new option.

For the uninitiated, Hulu is a website that provides video programming from multiple sources, including all of the major TV networks (except for the lone holdout, CBS). Did you miss last night’s Modern Family? You can watch it today on Hulu. You can also watch current programming from your favorite cable networks.

As with terrestrial television, Hulu advertisers can target their viewers by age, geography and lifestyle segments. But beyond this, Hulu has some great advantages:

– In contrast to eight minutes of advertising in the typical ½ hour TV show, Hulu airs only three.

– Ads cannot be fast forwarded or skipped.

– Shorter commercial breaks create a higher likelihood that viewers will watch the ads.

– Nielsen IAG research shows that ads consistently perform 50% to 100% better on Hulu than on broadcast television or cable, as measured by brand and message recall and likeability.

– Viewers can choose which commercials to watch and which not to watch.

– Advertisers only pay for the viewers who actually watched their commercial, not the opt-outs.

– Viewers can watch programming on multiple platforms: desktop, laptop, smartphone, gaming devices and tablets.

– Viewers can interact with ads that interest them, by clicking on a link to a website, location list, survey, inventory and price list, special offer or any other form of engagement.

– Viewers can join social networks or share ad information directly from the Hulu platform.

– Viewers can opt out of commercial interruptions by choosing instead to watch a single 3-minute advertiser video– a great option for products or services that require time to demonstrate or tell their story.

Currently, Hulu’s cost efficiencies are commensurate with prime time programming on broadcast and cable TV. It will be interesting to watch Hulu as it develops additional applications to improve its user experience and to help advertisers engage more effectively with interested consumers.

On the other hand, I will be curious to see if the site’s content providers start getting cold feet as Hulu cannibalizes their audiences.

It’s a whole new world out there, and I’ll keep you posted! If you’re interested, check my profile to subscribe to my blog. Each week I post a free marketing tip. All are welcome!

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