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United Kingdom is commonly known as UK or Great Britain. It is a sovereign state and it is located off the northwestern coast of continental Europe. It comprises of four countries; England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. London is the capital of UK. UK is surrounded by the Irish Sea, North Sea, the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean. Northern Ireland is its only area which has a land border. The UK is considered to be among the developed countries of the world, having the sixth largest economy. It is known to be the world’s first industrialized country. It has witnessed two world wars which led to decline of its empire and damaged its economy to a great extent.

The United Kingdom is a big country which includes the island of Great Britain, some part of the island of Ireland and some other small islands. It is separated from France by the English Channel and it lies between the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea.

The United Kingdom witnesses a temperate climate with abundant and perennial rainfall. The temperature fluctuates with changing seasons, the approximate minimum temperature being 10 degrees and the maximum temperature being 35 degrees. It witnesses snowfall in winter and early spring.

Scores and scores of people visit the United Kingdom every year. It has a flourishing tourism industry. There are a number of places to see in the United Kingdom. Some of the must visit places in UK are discussed in detail below.

One the most recognizable and popular landmarks of London is the Tower Bridge. It is also one of the most famous bridges in the world and is popularly known as the London Bridge. It was built in 1894, over the Thames River and just next to the Tower of London. The bridge rises and comes down for the passage of big vessels.

Another major tourist attraction of the United Kingdom is the Big Ben. It is referred to as the clock tower itself. It is the third tallest free standing clock tower in the world and is the largest four faced chiming clock. It is around 150 years old.

The British Museum is another popular attraction. It houses the works of man from pre-historic times to modern times. The collections exhibited in the museum are collected from different parts of the world. The most famous objects to see are the Rosetta Stone, the Portland Vase and the sculptures from the Parthenon.

Madame Tussauds is one of the most popular and most visited museums in London. It is a world famous museum. It houses wax statues of the most famous people of the world. It includes the statues of Shakespeare, the Queen herself, Britney Spears, the famous footballer Rooney, etc. basically all the famous and most influential people of the world.

The best places to stay in the United Kingdom are The Berkeley, Covent Garden Hotel, The Sanderson, The Soho Hotel and The Stafford Hotel.

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