Top 10 United Kingdom Interesting Facts

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1. One of the most interesting United Kingdom facts concerns Stonehenge. This prehistoric monument still has many unknown aspects today, and there are many myths and legends told about how this monument was created. There are two stone types that are present at the monument, and both weigh tons so the construction method used is still not clear today. This monument was built at a time before any machines had been invented.

2. Many Scottish clans have a unique tartan pattern, but this is a fairly new development and only dates back to the last half of the eighteenth century. Before this period there was no identifying pattern or color that was used to identify any of the clans. Crest badges are another somewhat new concept, and these badges were only started in the Victorian era.

3. Hadrian’s Wall is a wall that was built on the orders of Emperor Hadrian in the year 122 AD. By this time the Roman Empire was no longer expanding, and the emperor gave the orders that there was to be a large wall built. The location was chosen which was between the River Tyne and the Solway Firth, and the wall stretched to more than seventy-three miles when finished.

4. One of the top interesting United Kingdom facts concerns William the Conqueror, who was king of England from 1067 until 1087, when a riding accident caused his early death. The nickname given this king was William the Bastard, and he was born to a mother who was a commoner and the daughter of a tanner. Despite this William received the title Duke of Normandy when his father passed, and William was only seven at the time.

5. Wales is an island which has a population of around three million people, and the main occupation here is farming sheep. The soil on the island is not fertile at all, and the poor quality make growing crops here almost impossible. Because of this the population has always farmed sheep instead of growing crops.

6. The official animal of Scotland is the unicorn, a mythical beast with a single horn coming from the forehead. Until the year 1603 Scotland was under the rule of a monarch who only governed Scotland, and was not king of any other country. In 1603 the king of Scotland was also crowned as the king of England as well. From this point on both countries have existed under the rule of a single monarch.

7. One of the most interesting United Kingdom facts concerns the city of Edinburgh, Scotland. This city is the capital of Scotland, and was the very first city in the entire world to benefit from having a fire brigade to combat fires.

8. Queen Elizabeth I ruled England from 1558 to 1603, and in a time when women were looked down upon she showed that a woman was just as fearless and tactical as any king. She was given the nickname the Virgin Queen, in part because during her life Queen Elizabeth never married or had children.

9. The royal residences in England have quite a history. Windsor Castle is unique, because this castle is the oldest castle and residence for royalty found anywhere in the world which is still in use. Buckingham Palace was constructed in the early 1700s, and the location where the palace sits today was a very well-known brothel before 1702 when palace construction began.

10. One of the most unusual United Kingdom facts concerns Berengaria of Navarre. She was the bride of King Richard, the king of England who married her in France. Berengaria was named Queen of England, but she never even saw this country until after Richard the Lionheart had passed away.

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