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Bad News and Problems With Hulu

by technologyandgadgets
Bad News and Problems With Hulu

Every website has to have a cute name these days. Hulu is a great example. The idea is a good one. Hulu is a site where you can quickly and easily download all sorts of television shows and movies right to your computer or other device. Best of all, Hulu is free and legal. That combination is tough to beat.

If your initial reaction to what Hulu can offer you is “wow,” its understandable. However, sadly, there is a problem with Hulu. For that matter, there are lots of problems. Let me explain…

The execution of this idea isn’t quite as good as the promise. One of the most prominent and obvious problems is that the top and most current television shows are simply missing from the Hulu website. Unfortunately, this factor defeats much of the website’s promise.

You don’t have to be a television expert to realize that much of what is on Hulu isn’t very special at all. You can find the content in a variety of other places. For example, if you have a Netflix subscription you can stream content that is usually of far better quality.

Of course, unlike Hulu, Netflix is a paid service. However, many people have Netflix accounts anyway, so they can take advantage of the streaming service for no additional cost.

Another common criticism of the Hulu website is that you can’t watch full seasons of many shows. In fact, the site is wildly disjointed. You might find your favorite show only to discover, rather perplexingly, that there are only a few scattered episodes.

This can be frustrating to people who get hooked on a television show and then quickly find they are left hanging with no ability to finish the season that they are following.

Let’s face it, lots of television shows that you would never want to watch are being offered up for free on Hulu. So the fact that they are there is really pretty meaningless. Many of the programs on Hulu are really of poor quality.

All of these mistakes could be somewhat forgiven if Hulu had not been oversold as an “entertainment revolution.” Unfortunately, Hulu is not a revolution, at least not yet. Skeptics increasingly doubt that it ever will be a revolution.

So are there problems with Hulu?

Most definitely! I have my doubts about whether or not these issues will be repaired anytime soon. With the plethora of viewing options available online, a lot of people are wondering what the value of Hulu is for the average television viewer/computer user. This is a valid question and one that Hulu just doesn’t seem to know how to answer.

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