Qualcomm aims 8nm Snapdragon 730G at mobile gamers - CPU

Apr 12, 2019, 00:31
Qualcomm aims 8nm Snapdragon 730G at mobile gamers - CPU

Talking about the Snapdragon 730 mobile platform, it's a step above the existing SD712 chipset and brings numerous advancements in tow.

Qualcomm is not unique as other competitors, including Hisilicon, with its Kirin 970 chipset, and MediaTek, with its Helio P90 chipsets, have already enabled users of mid-range smartphones to enjoy AI features that were previously only accessible to those who could afford flagship smartphones.

The chip is designed for what AI researchers call "inference" - the process of using an AI algorithm that has been "trained" with massive amounts of data to, for example, translate audio into text-based requests.

The Snapdragon 730 is also made on the 8nm process, which is a first for the 7-series.

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The 730 boasts of up to 15% faster graphics rendering compared to the 730, and has a "Jank Reduce" feature that lowers stuttering in games by up to 90%.

Qualcomm organized its Snapdragon 730 and 730G with two "big" performance cores and six "little" energy-saving cores, versus the four-by-four split with the Snapdragon 855. The CPU has four performance Cortex-A73 cores clocked at 2.0GHz, and four efficiency Cortex-A53 cores clocked at 1.8GHz.

It features a 3rd generation Qualcomm AI Engine that is claimed to offer up to 2x faster on-device AI processing.

Like the 730s, the 665 will support triple-camera setups and on-device AI-processing for AR translation, scene detection and low light photography. It drives up to three cameras at a maximum sensor resolution of 48 megapixels, Qualcomm says. The Snapdragon X15 LTE Modem handles LTE download speeds as fast as 800Mbps.

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The Snapdragon 730 also includes our Hexagon 688 DSP, Qualcomm Adreno 618 GPU, and Qualcomm Kryo 470 CPU, which work together so the platform can take the fastest, most power-efficient paths to complete AI tasks. Due to the slowdown in smartphone growth, increased competition, and increased legal proceedings, Qualcomm has fallen into stagnation. The maximum clock speed is reduced to 2.2GHz compared to 2.3GHz of Snapdragon 712. There is now an upgraded Adreno 610 GPU that, on paper, seems much powerful than the Adreno 512 GPU of Snapdragon 660. It can support up to 8GB RAM with speeds up to 1866 MHz.

Qualcomm is also touting direct benefits for end-users of supported devices, with significant performance improvements for features like natural language processing and translations via personal assistants, image recognition and search, and personalized content recommendations. The ISP powers up to a 36 MP single main camera or a 22 MP dual setup and 960fps 720p slo-mo video capture, as well as 4K HDR video Portrait mode.

The CV-ISP is capable of high resolution depth sensing and the ability to support triple cameras that feature ultra-wide, portrait and telephoto lenses. The all-new Snapdragon 730 provides on-device AI experience with improved optics, gaming, and performance.

Anti-Cheating Extensions help keep gamers on the same level playing field.

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