Reboot Van landing in Fortnite this week

Apr 09, 2019, 00:35
Reboot Van landing in Fortnite this week

Coming to Fortnite next week, the Reboot Van can be used to resurrect a teammate should they die during your match. These items can then be used at the Reboot Van to revive fallen players.

While you revive your teammates, these vans would give off audio cues as well as a few visual cues such as beacons to surrounding players, notifying the revival of your teammates.

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A respawn mechanic is welcome news to nearly anyone in the Fortnite community. Once the respawn has been completed, the dev update video then explained how the Fortnite Reboot vehicle will be unavailable to use by players for a short amount of time afterward. With the ruckus that Reboot Vans will make, squadmates will need to protect their returning allies as they will be easy targets for opponents looking for a quick kill. The spawned player will drop on top of the Reboot van with no weapons. The Reboot Vans and the Reboot Cards will be unveiled in 8.30. Teammates will drop banners upon being eliminated that can be taken by their other teammates to Respawn Beacons where they will be brought back into the game. This is what can be considered one of the most unique features that Apex Legends had, and Fortnite will be implementing this with the "reboot" vans. Vans will be located near major points of interest, Epic says, so that means popular areas like Tilted Towers, Retail Row, etc.

This changes: If an opponent eliminates one or more members of your team after update 8.30, you can collect a badge from them. At the very least, it would appear Reboot Vans have been in the works at Epic since shortly after the launch of Apex Legends.

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Part of this is due to Apex being a fantastic game in its own right.

Fortnite update 8.30 is about to go live for Battle Royale and Save the World fans.

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According to Epic Games, "players will edit incorrect structure if backed up against a friendly built structure".