GOP’s Green New Deal Vote Fails to Divide Senate Democrats

Mar 29, 2019, 00:04
GOP’s Green New Deal Vote Fails to Divide Senate Democrats

"I need no other evidence of the fact that this proposal ... we had 57 people vote against it including four Democrats and everyone else voted not for it but present. This is about our constituents and all of our lives", said Ocasio-Cortez.

"You want to tell people that their concern and their desire for clean air and clean water are elitist?" Lee's tactic swiftly set social media ablaze, drawing reactions ranging from confusion to derision, and even prompted a scathing response from Ocasio-Cortez. Original co-sponsor Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) joined 42 other Dems, including all six of the Senate's 2020 contenders, in voting "present".

"During the last month this chamber has been the forum for debate of a topic I never thought I would see Republicans raise on their own: climate change", Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said on the Senate floor Monday, mocking McConnell's legislative maneuver.

McConnell tweeted out a video of Democrats who supported the Green New Deal before the vote and then highlighted how they voted on Tuesday.

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The new bill, the Climate Action Now Act, focuses more narrowly on reducing carbon emissions and ensuring that the US honors the Paris climate agreement, from which President Trump withdrew shortly after taking office.

"All across the country, people young and old are mobilized, organized and galvanized to take action now on climate change", Markey said.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham told reporters the Green New Deal was discussed with Trump at a party lunch on Tuesday. This is about American lives. "Science should not be partisan". "But when you can barely pay the rent, or you can barely afford a look at the cost increases that the Green New Deal will have on poor American families, it's outrageous".

In an interview with TIME, Ocasio-Cortez expressed frustration with critics who have picked apart the resolution. "And we have to decide whether we're going to pay to react, or pay to be proactive".

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Though Lee acknowledged that he would likely be met with criticism for "not taking climate change seriously", the rest of his argument against the Green New Deal continued in a similar vein - full of sarcasm and accompanying posters. "I'm going to turn 30 this year, and for the entire 30 years of my lifetime, we did not make substantial investments to prepare our entire country for what we knew was coming". In a floor speech illustrated with a series of entertaining charts, Lee pointed out that of the few concrete policies connected to the Green New Deal, most-such as eliminating cows and airplanes-are clearly absurd.

Democratic lawmakers introduced a stripped-down climate bill Wednesday less than a day after Senate Republicans dinged a more ambitious plan. Our jobs aren't for campaigning, & that's exactly what these bluff-votes are for, ' she wrote on Twitter on Friday.

"If this guy can be Senator, you can do anything", the NY congresswoman wrote on Twitter.

The same Democrats tried to justify their lack of affirmative votes by making excuses about the process being rushed, and lacking customary hearings and procedures. The solution absolutely needs to also include an expansion of nuclear power, which the Green New Deal mysteriously leaves out.

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