Apple Arcade, TV Plus, Streaming Service

Mar 26, 2019, 00:57
Apple Arcade, TV Plus, Streaming Service

Apple's reputation for delivering reliable streaming services has not been great.

Apple is updating its TV app and adding access to various cable and streaming subscription services in one place.The Apple TV app has been redesigned to look similar to other popular streaming services like Netflix with vertical carousels of content and recommended things to watch next.

Apple reportedly spent about a billion dollars on original content a year ago, and now we're finally starting to get a better idea of what they have in store: AppleTV+, a "new service unlike anything that's been done before". An Apple News+ subscription can be shared with family members at no extra cost, Rosner said. It includes exclusive original TV shows, documentaries, movies and more.

Apple notes the content will be specially adapted to be browsed on the phone (so not just PDF versions of the actual magazine) and, reminiscent of Happy Potter, the cover of the magazines will be video clips.

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Apple didn't announce a price for the streaming service or when it will launch. If accurate, this would suggest that all Apple has succeeded in doing is providing standardized pricing for third-party content providers, and while this would be a price drop in some cases (although it's $1/month more for Starz), it definitely won't make Apple's new streaming service almost as appealing as many have hoped. For years, Apple's business has centered around the iPhone, but sales of that once-revolutionary but now commonplace device have slowed.

Apple's highly anticipated Monday event will likely see an unveiling of Apple's forthcoming TV streaming and subscription news services.

Revenue from its "services" segment - which includes the App Store, iCloud and content businesses such as Apple Music - grew 24 percent to $37.1 billion in fiscal 2018.

Magazines have been created to work seamlessly on supported devices, making it easy for photos to pop, browse through what's included in an issue, and more.

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Apple's TV push has been cloaked in mystery.

The company also said it is launching a MasterCard credit card called Apple Card.

Apple Arcade, the world's first subscription game service, Apple News Plus, which provides access to hundreds of magazines and news site subscriptions were also announced at Monday's event.

What was clear pretty early on in the presentation is that Apple did not make this ultimately snoozy event for the consumers, but for shareholders. Other tech companies like Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo have announced grand plans to produce TV shows and movies, only to retreat within a couple of years. The company launched slew of products including the much-awaited second generation of its earbuds AirPods. When Cook came back, he was visibly moved and said he'd never forget the experience of sharing the stage with her. That distinguishes it from Facebook and Google, the other major online news hubs.

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Apple led into the financial part of the show by showcasing upgrades to Apple Pay, including that it'll be incorporated into public transit in New York, Chicago, and Portland. Walt Disney Co, AT&T Inc. and Comcast Corp. are about to sell video services of their own as well, and already own large studios that pump out new TV shows and movies. It's available starting today in the US and Canada, with the service coming to Australia and Europe, starting with the United Kingdom, later this year. Beginning in May, customers can subscribe to Apple TV channels separately on the Apple TV app with no additional apps, accounts, or passwords required.