Nadeshot defends Kylie Jenner from critics of her "self-made billionaire" status

Mar 07, 2019, 00:51
Nadeshot defends Kylie Jenner from critics of her

She is also the youngest billionaire on the magazine's 'young billionaire's' list with a personal net worth of $1 billion.

On Tuesday, it became official: Kylie Jenner was declared the youngest self-made billionaire, according to Forbes. Of course, there is some dispute over whether she is truly self-made but the statistics surrounding her make-up brand are truly staggering. The company posted US$360 million of revenue a year ago, a 9% increase from 2017, according to Forbes.

When you're as famous as Kylie Jenner, there's no denying that your life has all kinds of ups and downs. At the time, Forbes calculated her net worth at $900 million, so she was well on her way to hitting the billions mark, but wasn't there quite yet.

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The rush of funds brought her to the billion dollar mark faster than Kylie Cosmetics but the achievement didn't draw as much attention as Jenner nearly making it.

Step aside, Mark Zuckerberg. A similar reaction ensued when Forbes selected Jenner to be the cover star for its 2018 list of the country's richest "self-made" women.

"It's the power of social media", Jenner told Forbes. Jenner, the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, has amassed 128 million Instagram followers and leveraged that popularity to promote her products.

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That investigation resulted in Cohen pleading guilty to bank fraud, tax fraud and campaign finance violations. Clapper also said he expects the special counsel team to provide some answers once it releases the report. tweeted, "Haven't we gone over this?" Kylie was 10 years old when she first made her appearance on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" and if her income was reliant on the show, she wouldn't exactly fit the definition. Jenner, however, who had the benefit of her family's wealth and celebrity, scored a 7.

Kylie Jenner checks out her product at a beauty store. "I had such a strong reach before I was able to start anything".

Many people on social media disagreed with the "self-made" billionaire news.

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Forbes made it official this morning, and Kylie said she "didn't expect" the company to have this much success.