Julia slams Jeremy Corbyn for backing second referendum

Feb 27, 2019, 00:06
Julia slams Jeremy Corbyn for backing second referendum

Downing Street officials, cited by The Daily Telegraph, have drawn up a series of options over the weekend in order to prevent minister resignations and gather support from backbench lawmakers concerned with the possibility of a "no deal" Brexit.

Theresa May has said she wants to make three further commitments to lawmakers.

There was no indication of what would happen if MPs vote down not only Mrs May's deal and no-deal, but also an extension, with Number 10 saying only that such a combination of results would be "contradictory".

Since Parliament overwhelmingly rejected her withdrawal deal last month, May has appealed to reluctant European leaders to give her a legally binding assurance that Britain won't be chained to EU customs and trade regulations forever, in an effort to keep the border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic open and invisible.

Britain remains as divided as ever over Brexit, which a narrow majority of voters called for in a June 2016 referendum.

While there is little chance of a second referendum taking place without the support of Labour, the path to another Brexit vote is far from clear.

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Mr Tusk said delaying the UK's withdrawal beyond March 29 is now a "rational solution", warning that the only alternative, if MPs can not agree a deal, is "a chaotic Brexit".

The pound was also lifted by news that Labour has shifted its position and is backing a second referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union in the wake of several MPs quitting the party.

Theresa May has signalled for the first time that Brexit may be delayed if MPs fail to back her own plans for the UK's divorce from the EU.

Labour lawmaker Yvette Cooper, one of those behind the move, said it was irresponsible of the government that just a few weeks before Brexit, "we still don't know what kind of Brexit we are going to have and we're not even going to have a vote on it until two weeks before that final deadline".

Labour's decision could damage her hopes of winning support for a revised deal in a vote she has promised by March 12, by attracting those who would have backed her agreement to avoid a no-deal exit but who prefer a second referendum.

That vote, he added, "ought to be on the option, on the one hand, of a credible leave deal and. on the other hand, remain".

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"I´ve had a real sense from the meetings I´ve had here and the conversations I´ve had in recent days that we can achieve that deal", May said.

It comes after opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn said on Monday his Labour Party would back a second Brexit referendum.

After Parliament voted 432-202 against her divorce deal in January, Mrs May has been trying to negotiate changes to the exit deal she agreed with the European Union past year and had promised to bring it back for approval in Parliament by March 12 at the latest. May said in her speech.

And Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte warned her against "sleepwalking" into a chaotic Brexit next month and that it was time for Britain to step up and clinch a deal.

She is seeking legally binding changes to the backstop, the insurance policy to avoid a hard border in the island of Ireland, which hard Brexiteers see as a way of tying the United Kingdom to EU's trade rules indefinitely.

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