Woman Who Joined ISIS Now Says She Wants to Go Home

Feb 20, 2019, 01:18
Woman Who Joined ISIS Now Says She Wants to Go Home

In an interview with the BBC's Middle East correspondent, Quentin Sommerville, Ms Begum said she is ready to face prison if it means returning from a Syrian refugee camp to the United Kingdom with her baby boy, who was born on Saturday.

Asked whether the United Kingdom should allow back Begum, who has given birth to a baby boy, Dyer replied: 'Yes, because I feel she needs a chance, maybe to explain what was going on and maybe we can understand a little bit more about how they got to her and how she felt it was the right move to jump on a plane and leave this country at 15 years of age.

The unrepentant teenager, who gave birth to her third child, a baby boy, in a refugee camp on Sunday, told the BBC: "I do feel that is wrong that innocent people did get killed". It's a two-way thing really.

"I just was hoping that maybe for me, for the sake of me and my child, they let me come back", the young woman said.

Meanwhile EastEnders actor Danny Dyer said Ms Begum, 19, should be allowed to return to the UK.

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Talking generally about the number of returnees from Syria, she said that some who can not be prosecuted may "still require a considerable amount of monitoring".

She said she has appealed to the government to help get her back to the United Kingdom. "Their [Isis's] justification [for Manchester] was that it was retaliation, so I thought, 'OK, that is a fair justification'".

"That wasn't fair on them", she said.

"But neither was I and neither were other women who are being killed right now back in Baghuz".

Conditions in the camp are better than on the road, but the makeshift tents, overcrowding and sparse resources pose a great health risk to children, with at least 29 dying in al-Hol in the past two months, mainly because of hypothermia, the World Health Organization (WHO) said earlier this month.

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Now, the 19-year-old is living in a camp in northern Syria for those who have been displaced.

"To which I say, and excuse my language here but sometimes it's entirely appropriate: Go f*** yourselves". I don't know how I would be seen as a danger.

She was partly inspired by videos of fighters beheading hostages and partly by other propaganda films showing the "good life" ISIS could offer.

She claimed the schoolgirls - Sharmeena Begum and the unnamed passenger - were on separate flights. I know a lot of people, after they saw that me and my friends came, it actually encouraged them.

Rendering Begum stateless would simply allow her recruiters to cast the British state in disparaging terms.

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Her family's lawyer, Tasnime Akunjee, said he anticipated she would face criminal proceedings upon any return to the United Kingdom, but that it was the family's hope she would be given professional help following her experience in Syria.