Trump to Call on Democrats to ‘Heal,’ and Bashes Pelosi Over Wall

Feb 04, 2019, 00:41
Trump to Call on Democrats to ‘Heal,’ and Bashes Pelosi Over Wall

A joint negotiating committee on Capitol Hill is trying to work out a spending deal to keep the government open past February 15, which is when the three-week continuing resolution that ended the shutdown is set to expire.

And Trump again dismissed chances that he'll get the $5.7 billion in wall funding he wants from a bipartisan congressional committee charged with producing a border security solution that could forestall another government shutdown. Seven in 10 independents and about 9 in 10 Democrats opposed Trump declaring an emergency to build a wall. Among Republicans, it has also provoked worries about setting a precedent regarding the use of executive power that future Democratic presidents might follow when pursuing liberal goals. His typical tactic is "to raise the stakes of a negotiation impossibly high", then "make a maximal demand" trusting that "the triumph of his stronger will" will lead his opponent to submit before he does.

Pelosi said funding for more ports of entry or additional border security technology was open for negotiation.

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Trump is therefore set to declare a national emergency over what he claims is a crisis at the southern border, allowing him to find funds in military and other budgets. Polls suggest that such a move would be "wildly unpopular", and might even encourage congressional Republicans to come to a deal without him. You need a wall. I happen to think it's very bad politics because basically, she wants open borders. "And anybody that says you don't, they're just playing games". Instead, they proposed giving Customs and Border Protection $98 million more than the agency received past year, enough to hire about 1,000 more Border Patrol agents, as well as giving $77 million more than the $353 million that Trump requested for buying and deploying security technology.

Pelosi, by her stand against the wall, is costing the country hundreds of billions of dollars, Trump said.

The president repeated his assertion that without a border wall the United States is subject to vast lawlessness, including "human trafficking ... drugs and gangs and criminals pouring in". "That accounts for about 6 percent of our traffic", Border Patrol chief Raul Ortiz told journalists during President Trump's January 10 visit to Rio Grande Valley, Texas.

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"I think they're exhausted and, I think everybody's exhausted", he said.

Asked if Trump would acknowledge the shutdown in his speech, the administration official said the president will "definitely talk about immigration and about where we are in that debate and present a path forward".

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