British PM Theresa May should opt for no-deal Brexit: Nile Gardiner

Jan 17, 2019, 00:57
British PM Theresa May should opt for no-deal Brexit: Nile Gardiner

"This Frankenstein deal is now officially dead".

May said later that Parliament had spoken and the government had listened.

But May remained defiant against the challenge to her leadership. May said an election "would deepen division when we need unity, it would bring chaos when we need certainty, and it would bring delay when we need to move forward". Corbyn, a long-time Eurosceptic, has also been reticent; he prefers a general election in the hopes of becoming prime minister and negotiating a "better" deal.

Many of the Conservative lawmakers who voted against her Brexit deal on Tuesday would likely rather have her in power during this slow-motion disaster than anyone else.

The no-confidence vote is expected to be held at about 8am NZT.

May's decision to exclude Corbyn from cross-party talks after the Tuesday vote was widely condemned by MPs and political commentators on social media. The defeat was the biggest government loss in a parliamentary vote in more than 100 years, according to the think tank Institute for Government. She has refused to open dialogue with the front bench.

"We would now urge ruling out a no-deal immediately as the only option with majority support in Parliament", Britain's biggest carmaker, Jaguar Land Rover, said in a statement.

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Punjab-origin Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi MP called on May to resign, telling the House: "Homelessness has spiralled out of control and the usage of food banks has risen exponentially".

The British pound was slightly weaker on Wednesday, as investors continued to absorb the overwhelming rejection by United Kingdom politicians of Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit-plan, and looked toward what was next for the country.

Article 50 is a legal mechanism that sets into motion a process by which, after two years, a member state legally ends its European Union membership either with an agreed exit deal or the immediate termination of all the shared legal arrangements that accompany membership.

British Prime Minister Theresa May must now speak to senior parliamentarians to find a compromise that would avoid a no-deal Brexit or consider another referendum on European Union membership. They included all seven PIO Labour MPs, as well as three Tory PIO rebels.

However, it only takes seven MPs from the Conservatives or DUP to vote against the government for Mrs May to lose.

Mrs May also reiterated a promise to return to the Commons on Monday to give MPs another vote on her plans.

His boss Arlene Foster stressed "we can not accept the does violence to the union". Leave means leave and the present agreement does not do that.

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"There is no doubt that by far the most preferred option for the European Union would be a thoroughly negotiated withdrawal deal".

It has taken more than two years for Mrs May to negotiate the current settlement. The real issue we need to focus on today is how devastating a Jeremy Corbyn government would be for this country.

Former education minister Nicky Morgan warned that the United Kingdom wasn't ready for a no-deal Brexit, telling the BBC that "there are millions of people in this country watching Westminster and Parliament very anxiously today".

May's deal faces widespread opposition, primarily because of language created to prevent the reintroduction of border controls between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, which some fear will indefinitely tie Britain to the EU.

If the majority of MPs vote that they have no confidence in the government, then the government will fall. We have to extend Article 50. And we both recognise that Mr Corbyn is about the worst possible person to lead the Labour party - him much more so.

The government has conducted visible displays of its ramped-up no-deal preparations over the past few weeks.

German chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday that it was necessary to keep trying to secure an orderly Brexit - but she stressed that Germany was prepared for a disorderly exit for the UK.

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