China Says US Travel Advisory is Overstated

Jan 07, 2019, 00:08
China Says US Travel Advisory is Overstated

A Canadian parliamentary delegation is on its way to China and has been briefed on how to handle the issue of two Canadians detained there should it come up.

The warning comes as two Canadian citizens remain in detention in China.

Asked if they were anxious about travelling to China, the parliamentarians said they had been well briefed by Canadian Global Affairs officials.

McIver, a school teacher, was also detained over a visa matter but then subsequently released by the Chinese authority.

The parliamentarians will meet with policy-makers, legislators and local citizens' organizations in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

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Tensions between Canada and China have been escalating since Canada's December arrest of Chinese telecom executive Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver, a move undertaken at the behest of the United States.

While her release on bail was front-page news in, most media have not reported 's detention.

The 13 Canadians detained include Mr Michael Kovrig, Mr Michael Spavor and Ms Sarah McIver, said a Canadian government official who declined to be identified on Thursday.

Zeng Yuan, a university student in, was among those who believe 's case is related to Meng's, which has touched off an uproar among the three countries and complicated high-stakes USA - trade talks.

There's been little movement from either side on the detentions in recent weeks.

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"Without a doubt, these two Canadian citizens in China violated our country's laws and regulations, and are now undergoing investigation according to procedure", the regime's prosecutor general, Zhang Jun, said. The source says the number of detainees has remained relatively the same over the past few years.

December 19: Global Affairs Canada says a third Canadian has been detained in China. Maybe! But you may have to go to China and find out.

Cooper said he expects another briefing from GAC once the plane touches down in China.

The diplomatic trip, scheduled before last month's detentions, is being taken by members of the Canada-China Legislative Association, a bipartisan group of four MPs and two Senators with a shared interest in Canada-China relations. "But the relationship fundamentally is still a strong relationship, and the opportunities for both Canada and China are great, and we should not forget that". Cooper said that, if there were concerns about safety, the group would not be going.

Global Affairs Canada spokesperson Guillaume Berube confirmed the 13 detentions to AFP news agency, adding that the figures excluded Hong Kong.

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