Rudy Giuliani's Twitter typo leads to anti-Trump prank

Dec 07, 2018, 00:45
Rudy Giuliani's Twitter typo leads to anti-Trump prank

It was, decidedly, no such thing.

When Giuliani discovered this, he again used the social network, declaring that "Twitter allowed someone to invade my text with a disgusting anti-president message".

Rudy Giuliani, who also serves as a cybersecurity advisor to Trump, inadvertently created a URL in a November 30 tweet when he failed to put a space after "G-20." but before the word "in". "Out of control!Supervision please?"

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Last Friday, during one of his rambling Twitter tears at special counsel Robert Mueller, Giuliani forgot to include a space and accidentally formed the URL "".

When you click on the link, it takes you to the now purchased domain and states: "Donald J. Trump is a traitor to our country".

Carrying out the prank only took 15 minutes, said Velazquez, who bought the domain for an entire year.

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It was the type of throwaway gag that entertains Twitter users for a few hours before forever fading from memory.

Despite all of Giuliani's tinfoil hat protestations, the Trump lawyer is not the victim of a malicious bias from Twitter.

At most, Velazquez thought his stunt would get a "few hundred retweets" and then be absorbed into the Twittersphere, but by early Wednesday morning, Giuliani's tweet containing the link had about 45,000 likes and almost 17,000 retweets. Don't tell me they are not committed cardcarrying anti-Trumpers. He also added a link to a Reddit discussion thread on Mueller's decision to not recommend jail time for ex-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn due to his "substantial" cooperation in the investigation. Here's its statement to the New York Times: "The accusation that we're artificially injecting something into a tweet is completely false". The Post notes Giuliani was probably referencing part of the November 30 tweet that read "Helsinki.Either", which is not a valid domain.

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What makes this even funnier is the fact Trump first brought on Giuliani to be his "cyber advisor" so his lack of knowledge of how Twitter works is comical. Ted Stevens, a former senator from Alaska, was roundly mocked in 2006 when he described the internet as "a series of tubes". For Rudy Giuliani, the big issue is that there were zero.