Trump orders crackdown on asylum seekers

Nov 10, 2018, 01:32
Trump orders crackdown on asylum seekers

The Trump administration on Thursday unveiled a "interim final rule" stipulating that any and all immigrants who illegally cross into the US' southern border with Mexico will be deemed ineligible to apply for asylum.

Now that the asylum issue has been settled in advance of the arrival of the large migrant caravans slowly making their way up from Central America and passing through Mexico, Trump will most likely turn his attention back to the national debate he started in recent weeks when he said he was considering using an executive order to end the practice of birthright citizenship.

The regulations released, in conjunction with an order expected to be signed by President Donald Trump, would effectively ban migrants who cross the USA border with Mexico illegally from qualifying for asylum.

Officials say the measure is meant to funnel asylum seekers through official border crossings for speedy rulings instead of having them try to circumvent such crossings on the almost 2,000-mile (3,200-kilometer) stretch.

"Although the Trump administration expects to be enjoined and stopped in the near term", one of the officials told NBC, "they believe a policy based on the discretionary authority of the president over who is admitted to the US will ultimately hold up in the Supreme Court".

Claims have spiked in recent years, and there is a backlog of more than 800,000 cases pending in immigration court.

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The goal appears to be to try to siphon would-be illegal immigrants to those ports of entry and away from jumping the border.

But according to the new rule, Trump has authority to restrict illegal immigration "if he determines it to be in the national interest".

Those seeking political or other kinds of asylum - almost all of them coming from impoverished and violent crime-plagued countries of Central America - will be heard exclusively at the border crossings, administration officials told journalists.

Trump's proclamation does not apply to unaccompanied children, officials said.

Thanks to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, asylum rules were reformed to prevent migrants from receiving asylum by claiming they are fleeing violence, gangs, or domestic abuse.

The "before" and "after" effect of this new rule is going to be stark.

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The asylum clause of the Immigration and Nationality Act says that anyone who arrives to the USA may apply for asylum. The president has made immigration the centerpiece of his closing argument ahead of Tuesday's midterm election .

Immigrant advocates have denounced the move, saying it violated existing United States law that allows people fleeing persecution and violence in their home countries to apply for asylum regardless of whether they enter illegally or not.

Thousands of people from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador have fled poverty and violence in their homelands and made their way to the United States.

Trump has also expressed an interest in ending birthright citizenship to those born to non-citizens and for ending the the so-called DACA protections of those who've been in the US for years but were brought into the country illegally while children.

Those delays increase the chances that caravan members could attempt to cross illegally by fording the Rio Grande or trekking through the desert to set foot on USA soil and surrender to Border Patrol agents.

It's unclear how many people en route to the US will even make it to the border. Several smaller groups were trailing hundreds of miles to the south; officials estimated about 7,000 in all were in the country in the caravans. Most have passed largely unnoticed.

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