Republicans Ron DeSantis, Rick Scott Win Big In Florida

Nov 09, 2018, 01:05
Republicans Ron DeSantis, Rick Scott Win Big In Florida

And now, two days after the election, the race between Gillum and Governor-Elect Ron DeSantis will nearly certainly go to a recount as well. But Democrat Christine Hallquist lost her bid to become the first openly transgender US governor in Vermont, where Republican incumbent Phil Scott won re-election.

Abrams could become the first African-American woman governor.

In his victory speech, DeSantis also vowed to combat red algae and protect and restore the Everglades. She said Democrats set up phone banks and began calling those voters, urging them to go to county offices to present their identification information so that their ballots will count.

Tuesday's results could help Trump when he seeks re-election in 2020, with DeSantis and Scott in a better position to use their offices to sway opinions if they maintain support with Florida voters.

Voters in Florida have a rare clear choice between a rock-solid conservative and a democratic socialist for governor. "We just turned out a few more", Johnson said. Widespread belief in Florida that he would win easily and Trump threw his support behind DeSantis, DeSantis won the primary.

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"The supervisor of elections always seem to be the two that we have problems with".

Now in another tweet, the President has congratulated Governor Ron DeSantis for being elected Florida Governor. And while Republicans swept Florida's statewide races, Democrats again crept closer to winning, and may get a boost going forward from a new constitutional amendment that will restore felons' voting rights.

DeSantis' win was a crushing blow for Democrats, who had pinned their hopes on Gillum making history as the state's first black chief-of-state and recapturing the governor's mansion for the first time in almost a quarter of a century. Bill Nelson in that Senate contest. Fox News called the race for Scott on Tuesday night by 50.4 percent to 49.6 percent, with 99 percent of precincts reporting.

The DeSantis campaign has not yet commented on the possibility of an automatic recount, but DeSantis is expected to meet with reporters in South Florida this afternoon.

Racial divisions were highlighted throughout the campaign.

Andrew Gillum on DeSantis: 'The racists believe he's a racist'
"I didn't take free trips from anybody", Gillum responded. "It is important that we try to unify". "We did go to see Hamilton ". He believes the increased age limit for buying rifles will be found unconstitutional.

Elias, who had worked on successful Democratic recounts for former senators Harry Reid and Al Franken, said, "I couldn't tell you if Sen".

But Gillum's concession is not legally binding.

DeSantis also criticized Gillum for signing a pledge for the civil rights group Dream Defenders.

Pasco, the state's 11th most populous county, had 130 provisional ballots on Tuesday, Corley said. "But as my grandmother told me - never wrestle with a pig".

Joyner said he moved to Florida to vote in the race.

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DeSantis and his supporters accused Gillum of being dishonest and corrupt for accepting a ticket from an undercover Federal Bureau of Investigation agent to the popular Broadway show "Hamilton", and traveling to Costa Rica and other places with lobbyist Adam Corey.