Andrew Gillum on DeSantis: 'The racists believe he's a racist'

Oct 27, 2018, 13:28
Andrew Gillum on DeSantis: 'The racists believe he's a racist'

"I didn't take free trips from anybody", Gillum responded. "It is important that we try to unify". "We did go to see Hamilton".

The text messages show that, contrary to what Gillum's campaign has said, Gillum knew the tickets came from "Mike Miller", who was an FBI agent posing as a developer during an investigation into corruption. And Gillum added that DeSantis was endorsed by President Donald Trump.

The newly released text messages clearly contradict Gillum's claim, showing that the Tallahassee mayor knew the tickets came from "Mike Miller", an undercover FBI agent investigating corruption in Gillum's government who was posing as a developer.

The texts appear to refute Gillum's claim made days after his surprise win in the August 28 primary for governor that the show ticket had come from his brother.

"All the Jews gon' vote me, Andrew Gillum, governor of this here state of Florida", the ad concludes.

"Perhaps holding Scott back is the algae problem in the state", she said on Tuesday "Voters are almost twice as likely to blame him as they are Nelson". "In fact, we've got 99 issues and Hamilton ain't one of them".

Gillum said Thursday he does not support Dream Defenders' position on Israel.

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DeSantis wouldn't let it go, mentioning the Broadway tickets several times.

"Because you won't answer the question", DeSantis fired back, later asking, "But question is, did you pay for the "Hamilton" ticket or did the undercover Federal Bureau of Investigation agent pay for the "Hamilton" ticket?"

At one point, DeSantis brought up the FBI investigation in Tallahassee - one that Gillum said he is not named in.

Contrary to the campaign's claims, messages between Corey and "Mike Miller Real Estate" indicate "Miller" obtained tickets for the musical as a backup plan after inclement weather threatened to postpone a New York Mets game the group was planning to attend that evening.

"DeSantis is a principled leader with a proven record", Pence said. "I am not going to bow down to the altar of political correctness". And it hollered through this room.

He believes the increased age limit for buying rifles will be found unconstitutional. Kemp, however, has said the monument should be protected from "the radical left". "Andrew couldn't keep Tallahassee safe, he's not the guy to keep Florida families safe".

Chestnut, who is black, said she believes the call was "specifically created to intimidate me and any other African-Americans that hold a leadership role".

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"If you want to own the power of God at your waist belt, you should have a background check".

"Congressman, you have your time", Gillum responded. And this is where Gillum comes in conflict with the truth. Gillum said it would only raise taxes on the top 3 percent of the richest corporations and it is only a fraction of the $6.3 billion they received from a tax cut Trump signed into law. I'm simply saying the racists believe he's a racist. "It will be a historic mistake".

"These messages only confirm what we have said all along", Gillum claimed. "The problem that I have is that I should have asked more questions to make sure that everything that had transpired was above board".

"So I's promise, if you make me, Andrew Gillum, the governor, every peoples that be ailin' will get all the chicken feets they need", the voice on the call says.

"Some people were paying more for premiums than for rent, so people couldn't afford it".

Opposition to Israel is "nothing more than warmed over anti-Semitism", DeSantis said, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

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