Timeline: Windrush immigration scandal

Apr 26, 2018, 01:19
Timeline: Windrush immigration scandal

". Genuinely apologize to the victims; to immediately bring a halt to the injurious racist policies and practices; to put in place alternative and remedial policies and practices that are created to genuinely assist the affected group with confirmation and certification of their legal status within the United Kingdom; to immediately extend to deportees the right of return to the United Kingdom at the expense of the British government; and to financially compensate all victims for the injuries and damage suffered". Because a few years ago the prime minister said: "'I'm actually sick and exhausted of a government minister who simply blames other people when something goes wrong.' What's changed?"

"These policies swept up British citizens and legal migrants causing them huge suffering, as she was warned", he told MPs.

Labour MP Yvette Cooper MP has lashed out at Prime Minister Theresa May after the UK PM quoted her during PMQs, while trying to defend her ill-fated "hostile environment" immigration policy.

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The home secretary Amber Rudd is appearing in front of the home affairs committee today to answer questions about her handling of the Windrush scandal, which has been rapidly gaining momentum over the past week.

"The current Home Secretary inherited a failing policy and made it worse", he said.

The Home Secretary, who has faced calls to resign over the crisis, told MPs she had become aware of there was a "potential issue" over the "past few months".

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Pushing back, Ms May vowed to "leave no stone unturned" in helping members of the Windrush generation swept up in the immigration crackdown, and sought to instead shift the debate on to illegal immigration.

But she admitted her department still had no idea how many migrants have been wrongly detained by immigration authorities - like the grandmother Paulette Wilson, who spent a week in detention after being told she was in Britain illegally.

Asked if she had told May to ditch the target, Rudd said: "I have not discussed that with the prime minister".

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Responding to questions from MPs about the so-called "Windrush" scandal, in which migrants who arrived in the United Kingdom decades ago were denied medical treatment or jobs following demands for paperwork they could not provide, she said that preventing unjustified deportations was her priority.