God of War director's response to reviews will warm your cold heart

Apr 22, 2018, 01:37
God of War director's response to reviews will warm your cold heart

Kratos has moved away from the ancient Greek-inspired worlds of the older titles to a mountainous fictional world centred around Norse mythology.

Several events led to Barlog's concept for the return of God of War. My biggest takeaway from the new God of War is that a developer has finally cracked how an A.I. companion can be the best part of a video game. What are you looking forward to the most out of this next installment of the franchise? Oh, and a son named Atreus and yet another dead wife (newly deceased at the start). Moreover, the main story lasts for more than 20 hours, and if one completes every side mission, it becomes exceptionally lengthy.

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The plot is a thrilling departure from the series. Gone are the sunny temples and dank underworld of the old titles. However, the most fascinating thing about God of War is its level of interactivity.

What's really striking about the visual presentation is the lack of screen cuts. However, excellent and smooth graphics do entice and enhance gaming experiences and giving Jack his Jacket (or in this case Kratos), this game has graphics that can give a Pixar Movie competition. The system also contains multiple skill sets for magic spells, and ways to upgrade both characters' armour and weapons, with a plethora of combinations and routes you can take. There's a lot of different types of collectibles, but selling them won't stop you from being able to collect each kind. At about the halfway point, you hop through one of the magical portals in the room, and find yourself standing on the bridge-length sword you used to defeat Ares in the first game. But it's incredibly rewarding to beat an enemy after ten minutes' worth of battling. And while the industry's reputation took a hammering through the microtransaction saga previous year, it's worth remembering that video games aren't all about greedy corporations looking to squeeze you for cash-they're also the work of developers who put their heart and soul into the projects.

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There is a moment early in God of War when Kratos and his son Atreus are hunting a boar in the woods near their house. It's a clever mechanic that uses gameplay to deepen the paternal affection that God of War is created to evoke: Should you spend your experience points and money on new skills, weapons, and armor for Kratos, or Atreus?

I've always been a big fan of God of War, having followed the series since I first got ahold of the original PlayStation 2 game's demo disc, which included the first big fight against a Hydra.

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